Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

What about golems? Where are the stats for golems?

It has been almost 4 months since I've asked questions about golems. We've all had questions after the primordial jewels were introduced and no one has answered them. We've gone 2 leagues now without being able to optimize our golem builds.

I've asked this question in the golem skill threads. I've PM'd this question to Rory and Jess_GGG. I've posted this question in Mark_GGG's mechanical questions thread and 60 pages + 3 months have gone by with no answer. Here it is:

The primordial harmony jewel provides "Golem skills have (20-30)% increased cooldown recovery speed." There's no problem with that, it's clear, because players can see that summoning a golem has a cooldown (and it specifies the cooldown in the skill gem).

But the jewel also provides "Golems have (10-15)% increased cooldown recovery speed". This is where players have questions. What does it do, exactly, for each golem?

List of golem attacks/spells
Flame golem: explosive arching projectiles, wave of fire damage, fire spray
Stone golem: melee attack, rolling charge, powerful slam that taunts
Lightning golem: projectile spell, orbs of lightning that zap nearby enemies, temporary aura that grants added lightning damage
Ice golem: melee attack, icy barrage spell, chilling spinning dash
Chaos golem: melee attack, damage over time chaos aura, cascade of chaos spikes

Which of these golem attacks/spells have cooldowns? What are the cooldowns? Does "Golems have (10-15)% increased cooldown recovery speed" affect anything other than the 3 golem attacks/spells each golem type has?

This is almost impossible to test due to golem AI. At any given time we don't know if it's cycling between abilities due to AI or due to cooldown. Nothing in game (gem or tooltip), the wiki, the official forums, reddit, or poedb have information on this.

PS. The damage numbers for these golem attacks/spells would be nice too.
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:C good bye lich queen build
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It makes me notice that Dominating blow is still useless,no one can make a viable build with such ridiculous mechanic.
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*Tears of joy*

Thanks guys!
So I maintain a pretty in-depth SRS spreadsheet. Looking for clarification, the more attack damage multiplier says "attack", but does it also double dip poison, or is it an actual ATTACK multiplier, excluding it from poison?
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Wait does it mean you guys are nerfing skeletons? I mean I'm a tad baffled. Not only they still won't follow you, and they did not get any move speed bonus but you make it harder to summon them? Guys please, why?
I don't play summoner and still won't be playing summoner with all these changes as I don't enjoy that style of play. But I think these changes are good.
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Shoving down zombie build into the meta...
All of these changes sound great, but everything will still feel awkward to play unless there's a way to set the minions to be aggressive like with the golem jewel.

Right now the best way to play zombie summoner for me was to have zombies, but have them know what to attack by using summon raging spirits.
It'd be great if I could just build around pure zombies, but the AI is really what's holding it back.
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Where's the Zombie slam cooldown time? The Golem numbers and their cooldown times?

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