Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

Will there be any improvements for copies via blink/mirror arrow? I hope so ...
Still no new about Animated Guardian? ... Well, this suck.
The new changes to SRS make me sick and want to quit PoE. Thank you for doing me that favor. Lets just get it over with and delete the skill gem entirely so it is not an option. Oh and while I am on the subject of how disappointing the summoner class is, you might as well delete the skeleton gem, and the zombie gem... Take those 3 away and animate guardian becomes useless. Fuck it why call the witch a summoner or a necromancer, oh I know lets call them an auramancer better not or you will nerf auras too. Oh wait they did that already by taking all my life and mana away. When I die I cant even call it a 1-shot anymore. More like .5-shot?
I agree with most of the commenters that I am not in favor of these changes. I love the summoner build, but this really seems like a step backwards...
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Playing a summoner in beta now.

Spectre is quite bad. I really liked Undying Evangelist, but The Sceptre of God is just level 32, so I can't use it in later game anymore until I find one in a map. It's really painful to look for one each time I log on.
change just for the sake of change
The devs are bored so they just start to fiddle with everything

part of why I liked this game is because there was consistency. You could rely that things stayed 'roughly' the same unless there were obvious and glaring flaws. And obvious and glaring is something like heavy strike. Not minions. Please GGG.

Seems the more sucess they have the more they become like every other dev out there: random balance patches every couple of months that go nowhere and accomplish little.
Quick question here. What will most likely happen to the +2 skeleton helmet enchant in 3.0 ?
And what will happen to any existing enchants of this type on current helmets?

Did GGG finally update the UI, to show exactly how much damage, resistance, armor & Co. our minions have?
GGG buff minions AI pls!
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Do you guys not know how to make good minion based skills or don't care about the play style?
I, being a very bad player, have attempted your minions skill based builds at least 3 times.

Each build costs around 5 exalts. Are you kidding me? At some point, you have to think about if you're making the game fun, or just tedious. Grinding is fun if it is made so.
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