Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

"spectres persist through logouts", big thank you! Perhaps I can try endgame in next patch, loosing spectres on crash/logout is not fun :)

* Spectre upscaling based on map level
* Better AI (more aggressive code, like Flame Sentinel/Stone Golem/Primordial Might)
* More viable spectre mobs (buffers/tanks/spectre exiles? :))
thanks GGG :D
Just want a Minion AI fix,.. They stand around way too often doing nothing while i get one shotted by an end boss.
RE: The Spectre persistence — it'd be interesting if raised Spectres could be 'stored' in their respective gems. (Perhaps with some indication of what spectres are currently 'stored' in the gem?) This would allow summoners to level two or three Spectre gems as they level, and have them ready to store both their favourite 'main' spectre set, as well as perhaps one or two alternate sets of spectres to help them deal with more niche combat situations.

Mightn't be the simplest thing to implement, but could be interesting. :)
Why can't I summon more things?
Zombies, Specters, Golems, Skeletons - That's it.

Aside the dumb AI, these are not really that good and compelling.
■► It's a business. You won't get the full experience.
■► Yes, this is an addiction. This is a Slot Machine. I am addicted.
■► You won't be rewarded. There is no reward.

The only change here that matters is the spec storage...

So let me get this straight.

Skeletons are now summoned 1 by 1 and cap roughly at the same numbers as Zombies. Yet Skeletons have way less life, hit for less, don't follow the summoner AND are based on a duration. Why the fuck would anyone use Skeletons now? Zombies are flat out better and you don't have to resummon them for each pack.
Dark Pact is not an excuse for these skeleton changes. You won't fix Elemental Hit, or other useless skills, because "someone might like it", which is a lot of the reasoning for Threshold Jewels, but then you'll defecate all over skeletons, and their already underpowered playstyle, because you made a skill to interact with them that's better self-cast than used through these underpowered and clunky skeletons?

I was already having enough trouble justifying using them. Wanted to do a skeleton aurabot support, but SRS requires far less passive skill tree nodes and jewel support, and now there's not even a reason to play them period because you're going to completely destroy the entire playstyle?

Bring your unseasoned fries here, because I'm salty.

The whole appeal to them in the first place was the fire-and-forget nature of them, as opposed to maintaining Zombies and Spectres (which isn't my playstyle), yet can hold a defensive line, as opposed to SRS, and was unique in the sheer quantity you could have, and with Queen's Escape you could feel like the army of ghosts in Return of the King, and it was awesome!

- and now you can't.
Do you guys not know how to make good minion based skills or don't care about the play style?
I, being a very bad player, have attempted your minions skill based builds at least 3 times.

Each build costs around 5 exalts. Are you kidding me? At some point, you have to think about if you're making the game fun, or just tedious. Grinding is fun if it is made so.

Rofl... you're doing summoner very wrong if you 'need' 5 exalts...

Edit: Forgot what I came in here for...
GGG: Update on spectre changes please..? It's the only thing that will make any real difference.
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So, as someone who never played Beta, what has actually changed for us?

Are our minions better, stronger and smarter now? Do we still have to suicide into mob packs, to get them moving?

What about the skill tree´s, has it become a bit more convenient for us to pick nodes, or is it still cripple your own damage if you want an army?

Maybe, someone could shed some light on the subject, I would appreciate it.

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