Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

It would be great to see an update on this. I've got a level 90 summoner and it's frustrating when I have to use top tier maps to re-summon spectres every time I experience a crash or disconnect.
I feel ya mate.
I keep getting disconnected while on loading screen for the past few days, so as a specter summoner I had to stop playing.
Would be great to have an update on "logout persistent specters". But sincerely doubt it´ll happen any time soon.
Well, maybe next league we´ll have better luck.
I have finally been able to play PoE due to (my perception) performance improvements in release 3.x.

One problem that persists, however is i get logged out frequently.... almost certainly when going entering into an area for the first time...I'm sure lots of people have been pricked by this thorn.

log in...spectres gone. no surprise, just....Oh Darn It !!!

I'll Exile-On, stiff upper lip and all that.... but spectres that are persistent beyond an INVOLUNTARY logout would be quite nice.

Would it be an option to have Spectres level at a rapid pace, so for example you could raise a lvl 80 Spectre but in 5 minutes of play it would level to 90, obv capped at player lvl.
this is non-sense.
please post something relevant.
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ryanjenson90 wrote:
this is non-sense.
please post something relevant.
stop spamming.

More nonsense is losing your spectres because you accidentally changed your gear and lost high level spectre to stat requirement.
Can you make "item drops on death if Equipped by an Animated Guardian" bench craft affects all of its equipment to drop not only to Body Armor.

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