Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

the spectre update is the best, if you guysm ake it so i keep my specters even after log out that would save alot of time for my summoner, since if my game crashed,i dc, or i have to go afk for a while and log out, i would keep my op lvl 80+ specters... since i always ams tuck with laboratory flame sentinels. <3 love you ggg, and that zombei change awesome.. since as a spectre necro, my zombies die almsot instantly and deal very low dmg. now ill be able to rely on also zombies a bit.
Zombies still need an AI improvement - I should be able to AFK and assume that my zombies will defend me in some capacity without being told to do so.
My summoner doesn't use skeletons so I don't have a personal opinion on those changes but improvements to performance are always welcome. Being able to keep spectres through logout is a godsend and my zombies will appreciate their buffs I'm sure.

I can't seem to find a way to copy the spreadsheet to play around with it, am I missing something obvious?
I JUST made a summoner Witch yesterday. Coincidence? I THINK SO!
I rather enjoy having an army of summons; not only does it feel powerful, but it also has an inherent defensive effect in combat, what with meat (or bone) shields filling the field. Now, because the PoE engine canna' handle them, their numbers are being nerfed? Sounds like the wrong solution. ='[.]'=
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I'm actually missing the most important thing... zombies survivability. Almost anything 1-hit kills zombies! Their damage was never an issue to me.

What I also do not like is how you guys keep decreasing the number of minions we can have. You guys must realize the minions are our meatshields! Less and less minions means the summoner is alot more fragile. When you reduce the maximum number of minions, you have to increase the survivability of the summoner!

Other than that, I have never had any damage issues with minions. The only thing that bugs me most about minions is zombies dying everywhere in 1-hit. This is usually the first aoe from bosses, essence monsters etc. Every time I think, the zombies are a waste of my time to even have them summoned as they die when I need them most. The zombies dying so fast also means they do 0 damage, as they are dead. Making increasing their damage useless.

Personally I also feel the more summons, the better. It actually looks cool and feels more like a summoner to have more minions.

Could we also maybe have a solution for soloing and partying summoners... to only allow the decreased number of minions to work in parties automatically. In parties I hardely ever care for survivability, but solo I really need all my minions to meatshield me.

Overal the changes in this manifesto do nothing for the real issues, and I feel these 'solutions' actually create more issues(summoner survivability). I actually wanted to start with a summoner in 3.0, but this is making me reconsider.

Edit: Also, can we please have every minion stored in the databse, so they are there when we log in??!?! Especially zombies. When I log in as a summoner, I'm really fragile in the first few screens of a map or area, as I have to re-build my entire army. Only spectres makes me feel as if you guys think there is only one summoner type playing this game.
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Beejaholic wrote:
Dear GGG

As someone whose darling build is a skeleton summoner, i need you to understand this:

Skeleton damage is fine, its the other aspects of them that gimp them to their current unpopularity:

They're slow, no inherent aoe, and have no special niche. Skeletons currently are the interim of zombies and SRS, Lower damage than SRS, lower durability than zombies, but way slower than both.

I tend to say the slowness is alleviated by being able to summon them at a range, but the ridiculous mana cost gimps this.

Lower cast time and mana cost being changed "significantly" are lovely, if not for you gimping the skill once again, with "now only summon one skeleton at a time". Are you trying to force people to use echo on them? There is a reason any skeleton build strives for the +1/2 skeletons per cast, because to keep up any sort of momentum, you need it. One at a time max is going to slow down the playtime of this skill WAY too much, even moreso than it already is.

I do dig the 20% base block for 'em, thats nice.

Instead of the dmg buff, while nice, i'd much rather something akin to a high movement speed, or a flicker-esque skill to alleviate their slowness... They don't need damage to fit the current trends, they need mobility.

As i see it, GGG's plan for skeleton warriors is to make them slow, less durable zombies that hit like a truck, which means people will use them (if ever) exclusively for immobile bosses, except it'll be 5 seconds to hit 10 skeletons with base cast speed, currently doable in 4 seconds base, 2 seconds with lab enchant. Thats 5 seconds to get your damage to its "maximum", in a meta where people full-clear maps in under a minute. Allegedly, im not saying skeletons should be capable of the same by themselves, but in the time another clears a map in a minute, the skeleton summoner has cleared what, 12 packs? And thats assuming every skeleton summonup clears 2 packs.

Skeletons don't need damage, they need either mobility or utility.

exactly my thoughts
and i love flicker-esque idea
We're hoping to have improvements to how spectres are stored, with the eventual goal of having spectres persist through logouts.

Oh god yes. So much yes.
Skelies slow? well add it to "cast while channeling" and summon them next to mobs(solves mana and cast speed problem too). Let's see the changes but I might go for SRS after update since skellies upside is numbers and I can't get army with couple skeleton.

(unless you change skele mage jewel, its bad atm)

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