Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

FearTHeFrO wrote:
As one of the few people who plays a blink arrow/mirror arrow summoner I'm a bit sad to see that this skill has not been mentioned at all in the manifesto. Do you have any plans to buff/balance this skill? It seems to always be forgotten with all of these changes to minions.

This +1
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A suggestion for Chris: do you remember, in Final fantasy 7, the materia called "Enemy skill"? That gem was able to memorize FOREVER an enemy's skill learned. Raise spectre gem should be the same: all spectres raised (in any time) by that specific sample of the gem should be memorized, and the player can choose anytime what spectre to summon (via a simple "image" of the monster to be choosen in correspondence of one of the commands' buttons). "My" spectre dies? I resummon it, that exact same one, from thin air, just by pressing a button, without the need of searching the correspondent enemy in a map. And, if i so wish, i can summon the other types of spectre memorized, too!!!! Even in my HO!!!! Because my gem has memorized them!!!
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The summoners are enjoying more damage every patch, but the main reason its hard to level summoner from level 1-90, I dont know how much more survivability would be enough them to either stay alive or deal enough dmg that they wont die.

So Asking more damage done.
Asking more survivability skeletons done, zombies still work in progress I hope.
Spectres done.

Next thing you should start working on the AI more, so the minions keep attacking boss and let player decide if they stop or attack, not like its automated now.

Skeletons so why? where?
urgh GGG stop buffing dmg of minions already .. that never was the issue !
The problem lies in the terrible Ai and speed of the minions (especially zombies)

Go increase the movement and attack speed and fix their dumb Ai #done
Yay, another "enhancement" brought to you by shitboX
chieftainkys wrote:

Is this for real? Are you NERFING Summon Skeletons? WOW. And here I'm leveling a Skele Summoner in LSC thinking at least one of my characters won't be nerfed to shit into 3.0. May as well just dump it now.

what in the fuck are you on about? you realize that 2.6 and 3.0 are different leagues and nothing will carry over into FoO temp league? If you want to just "dump it now" then you don't even like the build to begin with, why are you playing it? If i told you it will be nerfed in patch 203.5, would you care enough to "just dump it now"? or would it not matter because its in a couple centuries and currently has no effect on the game?

Edit: changed patch 203.5 to be scheduled in centuries
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CTRL+F: fixed lag caused by auras
Not found.

All changes are irrelevant if the basics aren't fixed.

Also TL;DR
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One great QoL (that has already been suggested before) would be the possibility for the player to set the minions'AI, as many other games do, to smtg like passive (do not attack at all, helpful for Vorici missions f.e.)/defensive (stay close to me,attack what's attacking me)/aggressive (attack whatever is on sight) and the option to change it on the fly. That would be great!!!
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April 1 too early ?

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