[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

Hey! I read the charter and it sounds fun and pretty good. I would like to join your guild! Looking forward to find people to help and to get help from =) IGN : Poiwantsloot


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I'm interested in joining & have read the charter. Shoot me an invite if there is room.

Have read the charter and want to push 36/40 this league, possibly 40/40. If there's still room I'd like to join.

IGN: Raspunhetinha
IGN: Xedachi

Hi, I'm a returning player and haven't played since the Ambush/Invasion leagues, I actually had to make a brand new account as I had some trouble getting my old account back as I forgot the login ID/Pass, changed emails and phone numbers since I last played but it doesn't bother me.

I've had this new account since Apr 20, 2017 and I've currently completed 14 challenges on the Harbinger league, I myself do love challenge/achievement hunting and ever since I got my new PC my Xbox One/360 has been abandoned, I used to play the Xbox One/360 simply because of the Achievements and would play a game until I've completed at least 75% of the Achievements listed for that game, now I no longer play the Xbox One and I'm focused on Path of Exile which I used to play on a old Pentium 4, 4GB PC because I loved it and despite the horrific PC I stuck with it.

I'd like to join Divinity, I have read the Divinity Charter and I'm currently in your Discord.
HI there!
Have read the charter and it sounds great to me.
I am a returning player with a lot of fun with the new leagu. I'm just a bit lonely and would love some company like yours
IGN Shintry (89 witch) if you got room and would accept me.
What troubles you bring now?
Feel free to add me.

IGN: AceOfSwords

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