[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

Hi, I've read the charter :)

ign The_Vor_Texerer
Hi there. I have read your charter, this guild seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

IGN is LewsTherinAssassin

Hello there,

I have read your charter,

It really looks like a guild for me.


i hope to see you ingame,

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mewakey wrote:
No reply in thread, no reply in PM and no invite. I feel like I applied for a job. Not cool.

The process goes like this. If you are interested read the charter and post up in THIS thread 2 things. 1.) State that you have read the charter 2.) Provide your ign. If these things are not provided no action is taken.

If they are provided then last thing i look at is your challenge count. If it is say like 4 weeks into league and you have single digit challenges or its after 6 weeks and you do not have the 20 required than nothing else happens.

You specifically were fine in both these things, so message you in game you were not online so added you to friends list along with a note to invite to guild. Now i work early mornings to mid afternoons but for days could not catch you on at all.

Then you pm'd me about guild recruitment which it specifically says not to and wanted to know if someone else could invite you to the guild because we seem to be different timezones or playtimes or what not.

Over the next few days i actually caught you online twice and both times i messaged you asking out of curiosity what your timezone was or realm that you play on. If we have such a hard time seeing eachother online Im assuming it is not US/EU like almost all the other members which means if you are not from US/EU it wouldn't really be a good fit for you in guild to begin with.

Lastly of the 2x that i messaged you, neither one got a response back and neither one had you marked as AFK. Now that does not mean you wern't afk (you could have afked recently and just didn't show yet) but considering i got no response either time + assumed ur timezone/realm was something whacky + got pm'd about guild even though first sentence stated not to, i decided it was probably better to leave it at that and not continue to try and get ahold of you further.

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