[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

Hey, since 3.7 I have had 2 40/40, 2 36/40 and a 24/40 because Harvest wasn't fun imo.
Looking for people to grind to 36 minimum each league!
Can I join your guild ?

@SkellyMyJelly IGN
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Hi i would like to join the guild and yes i have read the charter.

Hi I would like to join guild my IGN: kontak

I read charter.

I´m active 25yo player.
Hi, I have read the charter and would like to join the guild.
IGN: SuperResolution

First piece out of the way, I have read the charter and it all sounds good to me.

IGN for my current Char is Ignitous. New char currently leveling.

I have a friend in the guild and I have been doing some challenge sharing with him, but have done a few 4 and 5 way legions with some of your guildmates and would love to be able to give/ get some more help with getting 37 every league. (Maybe 40 one day)

I've been playing for a few leagues(about 1500 hours) now and recently decided that I want to get 37 every league. So far I hit my goal for Metamorph and Harvest. I hit a rough patch in Delirium after playing too long in Metamorph, but I've finally found my stride and expect to be able to play every league from now on. The hooks are fully sunk in. :)

Let me know if you have any questions, happy to answer anything. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
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