[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

Hello i would realy like to join :) couldnt read coz it said the file no longer available?
Have a Nice Day
Hello i'd like to join your guild. I'm an old time player with multiple 90+ chars mostly playing on temp SC leagues, my ign is "Yaketai".
I would like to join your guild please. I have read the Charter. I am active 2+days a week different hours...Thanks
Hey, looking for a new guild after everything that happened with CAP... Read the charter, and this looks like a pretty sweet community. Hope you will consider inviting me :)

IGN: iDontFuckingKnowMen
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Hi i would like to join the guild and yes i have read the charter.
Hi i would like to join the guild and yes i have read the charter.

Hey there

I hunt the challenges in any league I can participate. Read the Charta and am OK with it, most of the mentioned things seem natural to me anyway. Would like to be a part and give back to '*820* Divinity!

Hit me up ingame @WildBurritoFart or in PM.

IGN: WildTortillaFart

Would love to join the guild.

IGN: Pepwpewspinz
I read and will gladly follow the charter.

IGN: Karnivore
Hello. I've read the guild charter.

IGN: OldBoldSummoner

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