[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

howdy. i always struggle to get alot of challenges because my old guild had 1 other active person lol. id love to join and get more challenges and help other get thiers. ive read the charter.

IGN. DirtyFlameDevil
Hi, I would like to join. I like to go for challenges on most leagues and play till near the end week.
I like to share challenges. It helps level out the Rng and I hate seeing them go to waste.
I like playing in a group environment and would like to again.
I have read the charter and think its great!

IGN: Tempus_Frozen_Balls
Hello, I like the idea of helping new players and such.
I am interested in joining!
IGN: JordoNuke (JordoZombie)
Hey I'd like to join.

I just got back into playing but I'm having a blast this league and can see myself sticking around for a long time. I'm definitely down for an active guild working together to achieve the challenges!

IGN: LordInvisoRahl
Hello i looked over your guild charters looks like a very nice organized guild, still fairly new to the game started this season looking for people do challenges and stuff with
Hey there! i have read the charter and i would like to join the guild if possible, thanks!

my ign is: ErickCostak (BruxinhaNecromante)<Is my current Char
Hey I read the charter and would also enjoy playing with you guys.


thanks! :)
Hi,i read the charter.

Please invite me to your guild.
Only started playing a while ago but i put in a few hours a day and up to 6 hours on weekends.
Please invite DRINKSALLOT

Thank you

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