[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!


I would like to join the guild. I've read the charter.

I am a steady challenge pusher throughout league, though no 40 so far. RL denies me the ability to go very hard at any time, but I keep the effort steady throughout league.

IGN: DoraTheExxploder

id like to join yall ..and yeah i read the charter
ign is TheInfernoBeginss
I just recently started playing PoE. In the current Delve League, I am lvl 85 and have no idea what I am doing. Im just running maps and whatnot. So I am looking for a group that is willing to teach as well as a good team to play the game with.

IGN is kirbubble2, current char is KirbWitch
I've read the guild charter and would like to join.

Mainly looking for an active guild to progress through the league with. Would be great if there are some players that are down for splitting quests/areas on the first day to rush to maps and for sharing atlas map completion 2nd day and onward.

IGN: Raz_Delve

I would love to join your guild.
I'm playing since Abyss League but never been in a guild
and never made it to 36/40.

I'll be gladly sharing my challenges and maps (if needed).
I've read the charta.
IGN: DaveTheRobot
Hi, i wanna join guild and get active again and start getting active on challenges again, before like in breach i got 36/40 but i took a break and this league i started when there was like 1.5 month left of league

Ign: FlyingPeopleChieftainRf

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