[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

I've read the charter and agree to it. I'll like to re-join. I returned for last league, but did not request to rejoin as a big work related project was ongoing and no much playtime, still managed 24 challenges solo, was mighty happy about that. :D

I have more playtime for Betrayal, so would like to try and finally do challenges seriously and do all 40.

Looking forward to contributing and playing with you guys.

IGN: Aquitainus_Attis
Steel and Iron,
Guard me well!
Or else I'm Dead,
and Doomed to Hell!
Read the charter and would like to join. Planning to complete at least 36 challenges this league, possible more depending on the challenges. :)
Hey i would like to join, i have read the charter and my ign is: rosspierrdol
I will be trying to get at least 36 challenges and maybe 100lv for the first time this league, will see :)
Would like to join. Read the charter. Aiming for 36 Challenges.
Couldnt play Delve much due to university exams.
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Want to join, read the charter already.
Trying for 36 challenges!
I've read the charter.I'll like to join, but i am not from english speaking country and it is hard to speak on it. I can understand 80%.
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