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Damage Over Time Changes - Part 1

Since you're making these changes for an "ignite focused build" will you make changes aswell for the "immune to ignite" mod on mobs ?
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why is ignite and bleed handled differently than poison?

the last one stacks and the first one don't, i don't know why and it would be easier if alle DoT mechanics woudl work the same way in that regard.
So what you are saying is... you are killing RF... Gottcha.
I see clearly how base damage would be determined for spell skill, but I don't really know for attack skill. Will it be directly linked to the raw damage of your weapon ? Will +x physical (like steel ring) affect it ?
Rory wrote:
In a subsequent post early next week, we're going to go into some more specifics, like how this change will affect monsters, changes to make Poison and Bleed count as "ailments", and how these ailments will interact with critical strike damage bonuses, and a new keystone.

Oh dear. So every Ailment build will have to be a crit build or be sub-par?
Why did you decide to add another layer of a 'more' multiplier? They used to be a rare way to boost the damage at a cost.
I Have a feeling this isnt going to be as good as it used to be.
Well, we will se in the beta.

I really hope this is a good change as this will affect very many builds.
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The concept alone is just pure shit. I wonder if anyone even remotely thought this through.
Too many comments to search for explanation. Hmm, i am very confused about this change. Says hit and ignites/bleed/poisons are separate but they still both scale with proper damage. So if Earthquake does 10k fire damage and ignites, it will take that 10k fire damage for ignite or... we won't really be able to tell what actual ignite damage is because tooltip will not show separate values for hit and ignite... Argh, confusing. I was hoping for more severe nerf, maybe even fixed percentage for each damage. It doesn't sound like a big nerf to me, if anything it sounds the same but more complicated to calculate.
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