Damage Over Time Changes - Part 1

Didn't think you'd take this approach, but I suppose the workarounds with damage properties were too messy and the engine can't do it any other way, but yeah, this will work and it was high time.

However, doubling it is too low, you'll probably need to quadruple it before we get to the point where it's worth the investment.
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Finally, these mechanics were broken and caused the game Damage over time
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RF BUFF! Fire pen should also work with burns now that double dipping will be gone. You almost can't go RF w/o EE.
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Will Caustic Arrow be tweaked in some way with these changes? While it doesn't poison nor double dips, it creates a DoT cloud... I'm supposing it is going to get slightly buffed (and I really hope so, because I want to start 3.0 as a CA Ascendant/Deadeye, but IMO it is so lackluster without some metric tons of investment for someone like me and leveling isn't good either due to bad single target by itself, and while manageable using Wither + Lightning Trap + ED (+ Decay), it feels... clunky, lol).
This is a Buff
Mathil is going to be crying because of these changes lol
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"And then we doubled it!"

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this is a buff
If you leave in the mechanic that lets DoTs inherit the "projectile" "area" etc. damage properties the options for building strong DoT characters will still be limited and skewed.

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