Damage Over Time Changes - Part 1

Hope this all works out, at the moment you suffer through your map to enjoy insane single target, now you are gonna struggle through the map and deal damage equal to non dot builds? Why even go dot
anyone who types thanks or awesome in this thread obviously eats turds for dinner
Nice. This still keeps poison and ignite as powerful while doesn't force to play every single build with it. Now waiting for Vaal pact manifesto
finally this sh.t will be gone. Tnx GGG!
cya Deathtiny

level fast, die young and leave a nice looking corpse!
was about time!
now whats with the guild and mtx tabs changes?
Guys be ready, incomming hidden buffs.
Reading between the lines of this post: Get that double-dipping build done before it gets tanked in 3.0!
welcome to 3.0 / the RF age has began.
rip poe
Finally a patch that forces me to stop abusing double dip!

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