Changes to the Labyrinth

Trials suck - traps suck - I hate them - get rid of them.
Izaro encounters are somewhat interesting despite the difficulty - they should remain.
Enchantments should be worked on so players get some choice instead of one random useless enchantment after working hard to get to the finish. Very anti-climactic as it now stands.
Is the lab hate all about how nasty izaro is? is it the traps? because really don't get it. It's frustrating, challenging, dangerous, can be rewarding, which is exactly how you want it to be, isn't it? I like it for all of those reasons.. Or do people want to just have the ascendancy given to them in hideout?..

I don't think that having to run 4 labs total, 3 of which take 10 minutes tops and have zero threat at endgame.

Genuinely curious. I understand that some people don't find it fun which is fine and to be expected.

ps. great work ggg as usual.

Nice to hear the Labs will stay mostly the same, and will be shorten a bit.

I think Labyrinth is a fun and interesting area, and love the secrets and puzzles in it. Really an out of the box entertaining expansion to the game.

Maybe all the good stuff you can find in Lab could be a bit less powerful/rare so people not liking it would not feel too bad about not running it.
You have this totally backwards. The early labs should prepare you for subsequent ones. If you make them shorter and easier, the lab will simply get more and more frustrating. You wont be able to learn from what you do earlier to help. Your design is going to really piss off players... even more than the current model does.

You really just don't seem to understand that barriers like this to progression are really bad in an ARPG.
I really REALLY wish they would look at making the enchantment system better. The helmet enchantments are so specific that the chance of getting one for the specific skill I am using is just too small. At least the boots and gloves have multiple useful enchantments.
No fun allowed.™
Wish lab would crawl into a hole and die.

arknath wrote:
You abosolutely have to make somce changes to the RNG of the end game labyrinth enchants. After 300 runs in a season and 0 useful enchants for your build you kind of always end up giving up and force yourself to buy an item with the enchant you need ( if it even is for sale... ). This problem scales up 100 times when you run SSF. At least let us select a category of enchants after inserting the item.


A list after inserting the item that lets you select between:

Melee skill enchant
Magic skill enchant
Aura/Curse skill enchant
All skill gem enchants(for those that want the full rng experience)

This will lower the rng to a decent level and still would require plenty of runs to get the correct one.

or perhaps make it so that you have a chance to find tokens in side rooms that change what type of enchantment you get if you use them in place of the generic end-of-run enchantment effect. You could get multi of these per run even but only one can be used at the end of the maze, and one generic one is always available so you may or may not get the type you need. Still, it would improve your chances of finding a relevant enchantment slightly.
We are never so offensive as when we are being defensive. (-me?)
So instead of having the ascendancy points be gained naturally as we progress, we still have to return to this one place four times?

You literally changed nothing about the labyrinth while the entire game is changing around it to a one-playthrough setup. It's going to feel even more out of place than it already does and especially tedious when you come back later and have to run it back to back for no reason other than because you can't let it go. This is going to easily be the worst part of the game once 3.0 arrives.
Step in the right direction at least, but what we really need is a way to get our Ascendancy points without playing Flask Check: The Game. Lab is horribly unbalanced and thus very, very boring and unsatisfying to run, at least for me and many others. Maybe the new normal lab will be short enough to tolerate, maybe not. Either way, I'll likely stop even trying to progress at whatever point ascendancy points, or ascendancy points beyond the first two, become effectively "required" - I have no desire to play maps or lab, because I have no desire to have disconnects so strongly influence the game as to cost lab runs or map portals. Legacy league is a vast improvement to past league access precisely because if you get disconnected, the instance is still there and you can re-enter as many times as your ISP, cat or little brother dictate.

Lab isn't hard. It's a bad joke that's trivially bypassed in terms of any real challenge by bringing good flasks relative to your life total and not having any ES... throw in movement gems for good measure if you want to overdo it. What isn't bypassed by that is the sheer boredom of going through it, particularly the load screens, especially if you get any disconnects in the process. Labyrinth has some of the longest load screens of any zones in the game and it forces way too many. On some of the slower machines the load screens can even literally force a disconnect themselves by taking too long - goodbye run!

One other way to instantly make lab 9000% more tolerable would be to simply let you re-enter your existing instance if you left it for ANY reason other than an actual death, so disconnects hurt less. Do that with map portals too. I really don't care that you "can't tell unintentional disconnects from intentional ones," you chose to make an online-only game. Dealing with disconnects is a cost of admission to that game style - and any publisher making such a game has a responsibility to handle them gracefully, not punish anyone who has a pet in the name of "we don't want people pulling the cord on purpose." If you want to make a game where people can't disconnect, make a local singleplayer game.
People who don't like the Labyrinth are not a minority: Be heard - say you don't like it in your signature. Don't leave complaining about lab to others - GGG needs to see how many people dislike it. Ascendancy must be gated on true ARPG content, not a poorly-crafted internet Legend of Zelda wannabe.

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