Changes to the Labyrinth

I actually enjoy the lab. However, i do believe removing the cruel and merciless trials all together would be for the best. 6 normal trials and uber trials would be far better. All current players have played through all the trials countless times. Remember when you had to do all trials on each new character too? we have done enough trials i think. As for the new players, i believe the first 6 trials in normal should have the players get the gist of the traps in the labyrinth.

Please remove the cruel and merciless lab requirements all together. Just make the labyrinth accessible when one has reached the required quest or point in the story in the cruel and merciless difficulties.
lab is the most detested part of poe.. why.. LATENCY

huge swathe of the world are on WIRELESS..

my latency starts at 50.. minimum..

a lot of the world have no access to TELEPHONE LINES.. a FACT..

thats why its so hated, poe on predictive is tolerable, but lab just exaggerates the vericode engine.

sad.. LAB STILL exists in 10
+1 for the separation of Ascendancy Points from the lab... Seriously, make the lab challenging and rewarding in a way that doesn't involves getting Ascendancy Points, which are mandatory for all characters... The main issue that made people dislike the lab, is the fact that you locked an important feature behind an extremely frustrating experience...

How about making us unlock Ascendancy Points by doing those trials, instead of running through the lab for them? It would at least make people feel less bored when having to complete those trials...

GGG has the power to make the game better for everybody, but for some reason, refuses to see the problem...

Inb4 Ascendancy Points requiring that you to do Uber Atziri runs to get them.
eMbbuZomg wrote:
remove lab

+1 !!!
vick666 wrote:
eMbbuZomg wrote:
remove lab

+1 !!!


or at least make portal work in lab, that it allows us to continue lab after dead so we can just finish it as soon as possible forget it and move on.
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The most disliked developers in the world.
Why not delete the labyrinth?
For self-satisfaction of ourselves, we should change to a map of high difficulty.
You only have to go who wants to go.
I understand why it is forced.
Present specifically to see who wants the labyrinth.
midtown wrote:
This seems positive overall! Overall I'm pleased with the changes GGG is making :) My thoughts from a HC perspective:

* Trials are super tedious and it seems common/safest to run them super overleveled making them extra boring. Cutting out 6 is great but honestly, once you do the first six I think that could be it for Cruel and Merciless Lab. I'm not opposed to gating Uber Lab behind RNG trials, but it's not my favorite, I usually just avoid builds that require Uber Lab.
* The "no portal" aspect is really awkward. Sometimes I just have to quit in the middle if someone rings the doorbell or needs a hand. Such an odd limitation.
* It's quite unfriendly to non-perfect networks. A random lag spike can easily leave you sitting in the middle of a deadly trap, and it's SO frustrating to get 80% through and get disconnected.

I don't mind having to solve some puzzles and figuring out how to get my build through the lab. It's a nice challenge. But personally I'd love to see Cruel + Merc trials removed, and allow portals and rejoining an instance. Then I can answer doorbells and at least retrace my steps in the case of a disconnect without resolving the same exact puzzle layouts.

Wow, just WOW. Im amazed by how thick and stubborn you are there at GGG hq. You see the fuckload of critical, negative even hateful comments regarding lab still you choose your own out-of-touch-with-reality "solution".

Seriously make 30 labyrinth variations nobody will give a fuck, just make/implement an alternative to get the ascendancy points.

There are over 20 suggestions here pick one and be done with it for fuck's shake.
Inundated with cockroaches, I am - labyrinth rework ideas/suggestions
But is scion still trash?
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