Changes to the Labyrinth

So is there any revisiting to the end-game trial system? It can take north of 200 maps to unlock all the trials for endgame lab. I don't particularly care about length/content/etc. I just want my first build in a league to get its lab points when it's actually ready to do so, instead of somewhere around level 85+ due to RNG.
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Ok so due to significant changes to the lab itself will the rewardss for top time be changed ? Or will they remain the same ?
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Just make Lab enchants tradable.
this is good news, are u nerfing ascendancy points?

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Very disappointed in this.

The lab is neither fun or challenging, just tedious. Lets hope they shorten the lab in normal/cruel/merc enough so we can get it done quickly.
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Eutektos wrote:
NickK_GGG wrote:
you'll be able to access all versions of the Labyrinth from the Aspirants' Plaza

What about Offering to the Goddess?

I'm surprised this isn't the first question on everyone's mind.
Good work, I feel like you guys have really worked hard on these changes, good job GGG.

I feel like everything is in place but I have one suggestion:

Remove it.
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