Changes to the Labyrinth

My 2c... In some ways I like that the Labs are longer, especially for character progression (Ascendencies). Character progression should take longer and take some effort. Instead of always making it shorter, how about an option to keep it long to receive Ascendencies, but have the option to run it shorter for chests and enchantments. A simple checkbox on the Lab selection dialog could drive it.
really excited
Let's all play without Ascendencies !
I HATE Labs!! There, I said it!
If I wanted to play a puzzle game, I'd play a puzzle game. I play PoE to kill monsters! If all the Labs consisted solely of fighting mobs I'd love them! But I can't stand the traps and switches and puzzles!! I avoid Labs until I'm WAYYYY over leveled and the whole thing just drains all the fun out of the game for me. I've actually logged out rather than face a Lab...

If Labs are going to be around, please just get rid of the traps, switches (especially TIMED switches), and puzzles. Just fill the Lab maps with hard mobs and maybe have several mini-bosses that must be killed in order to progress to the next zone? Anything would be better than dying, AGAIN, to a stupid spinning, zig-zagging, spiky, blade covered log thingy!!!

Just a thought with other orbs like awakeners that can transfer and combine influence from another item, would it be possible to make an orb to transfer enchantments to another item. Have it as a 1% chance drop from ULAB Izaro. Just really hate the whole dice roll on getting what I want.
just learn how the trap mechanics work lulw..ppl complained too much about stupid things.
not everyone is as smart as you

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