WTT My HHC exa for your HSC exa (1:1.4) ~~Since 2017~~

My 5 HHC exa for your 7 HSC exa (1:1.4 ratio)

Have 50 exa on HHC.

HHC: MrSixthHarvester

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Trade done safely.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Traded lots of ex, fast and safe
traded my 30 exa for his 20 LHC exa (equivalent), safe
IGN: EchelonTL, neophyte
Guild: Team Liquid
nice and safe
Safe trade 20ex HSC for 8ex HHC.
did a trade for HSC To HHC can vouch for the safe transaction
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just did another trade with this gentleman everything went smooth as always
safe and easy

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