Spelling mistakes and typos

Act 5 and 10 Control blocks have BINDLES instead of BUNDLES

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Huck's buddy's gender changes between sentences.

ibew 558

It is not all curses its affecting. Only punishment itself.
Waste of currency.
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The bindle name isn't a typo (at least I assume it isn't). Bindles are an actual thing (check google :D).If you zoom in on them you can see a sack of stuff, which when attached to a stick is a bindle. I've seen 2 people report it so far so leaving this for any future reference.
DEALS should be DEAL, since AILMENTS is plural.
Replica Hyrri's Truth

"HAtred has 50% less Mana Reservation" should be "Hatred has 50% less Mana Reservation" :)
There are multiple dialogues in the planning room that have the wrong names with the dialogues. There are at least 2 involving Huck and Isla that are wrong, may be more.
Came for the same reason as IonDrako.

Example (HD + sound on) : https://gfycat.com/delectableignorantdragon
This isn't a spelling mistake or typo, but I think it might fit here anyway. Certainly has the same low priority.
Twice, I heard my Marauder (my 1st real Marauder playthrough) exclaim "Return to the dirt!" (after a rare monster kill or something similar) but I swear it was the voice and accent of the Templar voice actor. I could be wrong, it's one of those things that just kind of barely registers and you go, "wait a second, what was that?" But this second time I picked it up quicker and wrote it down immediately.
Splitting Steel‌

look at the last symbol of Steel‌. There is some invisible symbol in the game so when you copy it you cant find it on trade.
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