Spelling mistakes and typos

"Rogue's Markers" should be plural.

"equipped to" is programmer-speak and puts some fairly mangled affordances on "equip." It's true that this phrasing allows the player to retain agency in the sentence (i.e. we don't expect the Heist members to put the gear on themselves) but that should be written out separately. The phrasing used for the reminder text on Maps is pretty good:

Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.

So maybe something like:

Can only be used by Heist Rogues. Visit the Rogue Harbour to manage your team's equipment.

Relatedly the Cassia Oil text could use some rewriting; the current text is:

Can be combined with other Oils at Cassia to Enchant Rings or Amulets, or to modify Blighted Maps.
Shift-click to unstack.

This again is too model-centric: if I didn't know that Cassia were a person, I'd assume her to be a (very much inanimate) crafting bench. Perhaps something like:

Commune with Cassia to anoint your items with combinations of Oils. Anointment can apply Enchantments to Rings, Amulets, and Blighted Maps.
Shift-click to unstack.

(Usefully this also says "your items" which ensures players understand items won't be provided for them. Not terribly important in this situation, but saying "your items" more often in reminder text might help manage expectations elsewhere.)

Some older items have much less plain reminder text, e.g. Silver Coins exhort the player to "Cross Navali's palm with silver to receive a prophecy"—without capitalizing "prophecy" or describing Hinekora's oracle as a vending machine. Obviously you guys have a lot of work to do these days, but it can be a really good space to add flavour.
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Ascendancy text was squished, re-clicking the altar didn't change it.

The life regen with Vitality mod on Watcher's Eye has 2 "while" in a row. Should be one.

Some modifiers have their number ranges reversed due to numerical error.
I wrote here:
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Hi guys,

Here is a bug that appear during my run last night, using Lightning warp make my game crash, i just return on windows like if I did a alt+f4
here is the picture :


Have a good day.
faustus quest in the rogue harbor has "discrete" instead of "discreet"
Karst's name is spelled incorrectly on this contract


Found a misspelling with Tibbs as well that I added a screenshot of to the same link
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Tane's introduction: He says "freed man" but the transcript has "freedman"
I love Void Sphere. That is all.

Heist bug workarounds:
* If you get stuck in a door during a heist and can't move, try moving to the edge of your screen. Try /oos if that doesn't work
* If you're getting no map drops above t5 after the last patch, try removing and resocketing all watchstones.

Nenet and Karst's names are flipped between "Well, I mean--" and "You don't need to--"

Karst speaks twice in a row, but it throws off the subtitles here. Karst says both "What a shame." and "Can you make sure I get an extra cut then?" But because the dialogue expects those to be one line, it flips who is saying it.

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