Spelling mistakes and typos

Large Cluster Jewel "of the Prism" modifier:

"+3% to elemental resistance" instead of "elemental resistances"
Helmet enchantments:

Lancing Steel has x% chance count as consumeing Steel Shards without Consuming them
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
i know, this point isn't place to post it, also this case so urgent to moment

you have been kicked for performing too many actions too fast

it happend with storm orb spell

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Language misinterpretation
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Part one / Chapter 2 / Die Wegkreuzung
Einritzung auf Holz IV

English: three lunaris gone now

I think the moon ist meant and it is not translated. In german it writes
"Seit alles seinen Anfang nahm, sind drei LUNARI fort"

should it not be:
"Seit alles seinen Anfang nahm, sind drei Monde vergangen" -> "Since it begun three moons passed by"?
Faustus, The Admiral's Records, English

Error: "A shrewd man knows when to be discrete,..."

Proposed Correction: "A shrewd man knows when to be discreet,..."

The dialogue suggests Faustus would otherwise keep the information to himself, not necessarily be alone. https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/discrete
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Really comic situation in this dialogue between Gianna and Niles (triggers upon assigning members to Grand Heist).
The text side looks all good from the first sight, but all Niles' lines are voiced by Gianna's sound-actress and all Gianna's lines are voiced by Niles' sound-actor.

Judging by lines I guess they are voiced correct. It's just a typos on the text-side that lead to character name mismatch in the dialogue.
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Finally got a copy of the "Breaking the Unbreakable" map, yay! But it has a typo on it. "Please don't run back to Anton" has a closing quotation mark but no opening quotation mark.
"Come to me, exile. Let us speak of death and desync."

Should be "You're working this job, too?"
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