Spelling mistakes and typos

unsane wrote:
Brinerot Mark (unique unset ring)

"Socketed Gems are Supported by level 15 Increased Minion Life"

There's no such gem as Increased Minion Life. The gem is Minion Life.
The "Remove Crafted Mod" on any master bench does not remove just one, the current bench crafted mod, but all existing crafted MODS (plural!) existing on the item, thus, the description of the Scouring Orb recipe should say:

"Remove ALL Crafted Mods" from the item.

p.s. I've learned that the hard way - by losing Elreon's "Can Have Multiple Mods" mod along with some cheap mode which I wanted to erase.
I believe the Vinia card to be a typo? If you were shooting for the latin word meaning forgiveness, that's Venia; rather than Vinia.
bug report: 280 638 794

Item: Atziri's Splendour Sacrificial Garb

Percents stats is not applied to defens! Armor, Evasion

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Double words in "Lost in Love" quest: You have a found a girl ... tied by by some ...
The rare monster affix 'Ocher' should be 'Ochre' if you're sticking to British English spelling, which I believe you are.

ErinFir wrote:
Double words in "Lost in Love" quest: You have a found a girl ... tied by by some ...

Fixing, fixing... thanks!
Code warrior

I have a problem: My Witch was unable to provide damage with attack skills as Firestorm, Magma Org, Ice Spear, among others. Even the default attack does not produce any damage, as you can see in screnshot. I was playing normally and when restarted the game occurred this problem.

I have even reinstalled the game on Steam.

Only skills: Raise Zombie, Raise Spectre, Summon Skeletons and Flame Totem cause damage.

What can be wrong there? It will be a Bug? Help me please!
Ancestral Bond is not a bug, but a Keystone Passive.
Inconsistent display of life and mana leech on weapons (sig figs):

Edit: guess it's deeper than a formatting issue. In my inventory it displayed as "0.70%" for life and "0.2%" for mana. Here it's showing as "0.7%" and "0.21%," respectively.
"Nothing happened." - CharanJaydemyr, TheWretch

Sayya's Item Filter (updated for Delve!) - http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1260712
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the most desired unique in the game has a typo:

it says: "don it slow" where it is supposed to say "do it slow" in the flavour text

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