Unhealthy 1 week races

How is it that GGG supports and encourages people not to sleep and rest properly for a race?

If it's in the span of one week, they should just add the time online instead of the actual real time that it took for them to reach lvl 100. Like, If they finished on Saturday and played 8 hours/day, they should add those segments of 8 hours instead of saying it took them 6 days.

Seems very irresponsible for them to do it like this.
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No one forces anyone to go race w/o sleep. And only thing you gonna win is a trash chest piece if that you get to be 1st in ur class. People have free time to spend if they dont sleep and race its their responsiblity. I think its stupid to do so but u need to respect their right to be competitive.
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MrsDeath_ wrote:
No one forces anyone to go race w/o sleep.

GGG kinda does when they host races that encourage that approach. In the same spirit of competiveness that you defend, when one player decides to skip rest to gain a competitive advantage, everyone else is forced to do the same.

Because it's them who are hosting these races, the responsability to provide the safest rules is theirs too. Especially when there have been documented cases of health problems (and deaths) related to overexhaustion in gaming.

As a disclaimer, I have to say that this is not self interest. I don't race and I never will as I dislike that playstyle. It was just seeing the tired faces of some of the streamers that made me post this.

In any case, let's hope nothing bad happens, of course.
The people choosing to play hours on end without sleep are adults and responsible for their own choices. POE has an International audience, with people from all time zones looking to take part; where races extend beyond 24 hours, the races are open for 24 hours a day to allow access to all.

Further, total hours invested is not a guarantee of success in longer races. When people get tired they make silly mistakes, you only need take a look at the many rip videos over on you tube. The best racers win because they are able to get the most out of the time they invest during a race.
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I actually agree with this. I don't know what the right solution is, but I feel that we as a community have an obligation to support and encourage healthy gaming practices. The current structure of short term races appears to reward unhealthy habits, and that in turn contributes to an unhealthy community. This community deserves the best, and removing reinforcements for unhealthy habits sounds like a good direction to take.

Further, total hours invested is not a guarantee of success in longer races.

Despite this, many players might think that it will be. I think some kind of hourglass or "chess clock" system which allows you to choose your hours would be a great solution to this problem. This would allow a one week race that can be played across two weeks.
I think few months ago erased one guy from ladder because he was doing 24h straight.

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