[3.9] The Bringer of Leech - Blade Flurry -League Starter -Budget-New Player Friendly!

Can we play with two Paradoxica rapier? is it more profitable and what needs to be changed?
10% chance to Trigger Level 1 Blood Rage when you Kill an Enemy
90% increased Physical Damage
19% increased Attack Speed
15% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
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at which lvl would you start using BF ?
So it's like two years gone and i'm back to this build again. And here is my question (Maybe it was asked like thousand times, but i'm too lazy to read entire thread): can this build use Soul Tether unique belt? Looks like it gives us a buff to our leech, but it lacks a lot of other stats. Will it be a buff in summary?

For anyone who want's to ditch the insta leech, go dual gemini claw, rare helm/rare chest I have provided my POB link. It also incorporates gear that gets rid of the need for the +30INT nodes so you can grab an additional gem socket.

Any feedback welcome!
What would be good anointments for this build?
Great guide, and great build

I started playing PoE this league and made the mistake of choosing a really expensive ranger build as my league starter. After being stuck in yellow maps for a while, I decided to try something else and gave this build a shot, and I was really impressed. With little to no investment you can get this build going and it will carry you all the way to red maps, I managed to complete my atlas and get it to awakener lvl 8 with very little investment. No over complicated mechanics, no extremely hard to get corrupted unique items, just stack up phys damage, resists and life and you're good to go.Very few map mods you can't do with this build. Its really tanky, easily goes past 6k life, with overleech and instant leech, and assuming you have good resists you can facetank almost anything, even T16 metamorphs.

This build has some drawbacks though, specially in with super end game bosses and maps, the damage kinda falls behind and fights with conquerors, shaper and sirus take a significant amount of time. Mapping clear speed is slow, even with cyclone, cause since you don't deal much damage it takes some time to kill some rare and magic packs, and blade flurry is kinda awful for clearing stuff. Not having a dash skill means you're going to get stuck behind barriers and make a lot of backtracking in some map layouts. I don't see the point of min maxing such a cheap build, kinda defeats the point, and I imagine that even if you spent a huge amount of currency on some super high end steel rings and a 400+ dps rare claw, you wouldn't improve the bossing and clearing capabilities just because of resolute technique, which is such a drawback, but its necessary in this build. Your best bet its to stick some gems on a tabula rasa and on your secondary weapons and lvl them up as you progress, sell them and switch to something else once you reach late endgame content.

Overall I really like this build, had a ton of fun with it and totally recommend this as a league starter, you can't go wrong with this
thanks for the guide, i started after a long break again with poe and i like the playstyle of this build pretty much, there are no mana issues with mana leech on neclace easy going always full

right now im mapping @lvl82 (well havent seen through everything with the elders and no clue bout mapcraftig...) and it seems the dmg starts to decrease at tier6 maps

for endgame isnt a 6L needed? what does scale good with blade flurry? aoe increase for shure and probably multi?

cheers zul
Thank you so much, sir.
Thnk u very much for this build, i have tried it in metamorph and with this i manage to beat everything except Chayula and uber elder because do not try them yet :)

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