What to do with my old frost wall LA ranger? (advice needed)

Hi guys,

so I believe I am in kind of a special position since I usually never play any leagues, the only thing I play is standard and I only play a single character since launch, a level 93 ranger (not the most active player)

Since frost wall LA got killed, I am virtually back to zero.
Please advise me on how to progress from here, which build should I transition into? I would like to keep most of my gear if possible, also I am most interested in bow builds, no wander, buzzsaw or whatever else (unless it fits into my current gear).

Also, is there any bow skill that is remotely viable in single target? Most skills I usually used in the past for single target feel like a meme in terms of dmg, compared to other builds.

I intend to build something that can kill guardians, shaper and uber atziri while also being good at mapping.

Here is my current gear

Last bumped on Jul 23, 2017, 5:43:57 AM

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