CI Doomfletch Prism Pathfinder (Life based in 3.0)

The build i've been playing most this league is a CI Doomfletch Prism Pathfinder, the character still has a little room for improvement, but for the most part it's done, so i decided to write this guide!

-Great Clear speed;
-Fast boss kills;
-Great survivability;
-Cheap to start;

-Can become expensive;
-A lot of flask spamming;
-CI is dead in 3.0 :(;

Build explanation:

-The item that makes this build work is Doomfletch Prism, its a unique bow, that works the same way as Facebreakers, giving 110% of bow physical damage as extra damage of each element, so its essential to stack as much flat physical damage and as much weapon elemental damage as possible;
-The bow itself is low on flat physical damage, but has some nice crit to it, so we are going crit for this build.

-This build also has lots of penetration, we penetrate a lot of lightning, and fire resistance, as well as a little bit of cold

In the end it becomes:
41 fire pen;
31 lightning pen;
21 cold pen;


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