[Help] 3.0 Build for Harbinger League


For The Fall of Oriath, 3.0 expansion, I was thinking of playing a Shrapnel Shot build utilizing the Iron Grip Keystone. I've use Shrapnel Shot for early leveling, but I never gave it a chance in the endgame.

First let me say, I play the soft core leagues so the build isn't optimized for hardcore play but the needed life nodes for that are in reach.

Items I know I will be using are Chin Sol, two Collateral Damage jewel's, phys/WED gear, and Strength gear to get 700~800 strength. Each Collateral Damage gives 50% chance to double Shrapnel Shot damage and 25% increased Shrapnel Shot AOE, totaling in 100% chance to double and 50% increased AOE.

For links:
Shrapnel Shot → PPD → Phys2Light → WED → Faster Attacks → LightPen.
Shrapnel Shot → Phys2Light → WED → Elemental Focus→ LightPen → PPD/Faster Attacks.

Also, currently not aiming to tackle the hardest content in the game, if I manage to, great! For the most part I will probably be running Shaped Strands and running unique maps here and there for the fun of it.

After looking through my options I decided on the Raider Ascendancy for the onslaught, frenzy, phasing and move speed bonus'. With everything active I'd have 86% move speed with 30% boots, no Quicksilver.

I'm thinking of taking Alira for a bandit award simply for the flat 5 mana regen.

Edit: Also, not sure what I want to do for Aura's, since it's melee range I could run a blasphemy, but I could also self cast any curses and run a Hatred/Wrath and a PoL for max lightning resistance.
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