Help ! Shrapnel Shot Ranger Raider - Where to go next ?

Hello everyone.

This is my first Path of Exile character, and I just made an Shrpanel Shot Raider Ranger,

It's level 86 with the current passive tree:

Raider ascendancy, with Way of the Poacher, Avatar of the Slaughter and Avatar of Veil !
(I also have 21 refund skill points to use, and i want you guys help to re-allocate if necessary).

Im in doubt between Doomfletch or Chin Sol ! What are you guys thoughts?
Im using 2 viridian jewels for my shrpnel shot damage increase ! and on other jewel slots, im getting attack speed, cast speed and some % elemental resistance ! ( all my % elemental are 75% )

This is my current gear so far:

I dont know where to go from here, im doing tier 8-9 maps so far and its been going great, but only 4k hp gets me ONE-SHOTTED sometimes,

how can I increase survivability and make to end game bosses and stuff? What r u guys tips ? Thanks for your time mates, this is really important for me !

Have a nice week everyone.
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Please guys, can you help me out ?

Im new, still figuring stuff out...

I thought going something like this:

with critical strike chance and multiplier on tree

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