[3.0] Theorycrafting Life Ek Pathfinder - NEED HELP -

Just like in Title, I'm thinking about Nova Ek pathfinder based on life
here are 2 skilltrees that i have made so far:

Gem setup just like in old ES version
2 auras - Hatred + Hoi with Assasins mark for power charges
As life we can run blood rage for frenzy charges

Not sure about base for items Armour sounds good because #tanky but might be hard to get collors

Lioneye's Vision looks good, decent life and free pierce

Cospri's Will this armour looks amazing as well as lioneyes

Atziri's Splendour Basicly for mana because mana might be the main problem here

The Perfect Form Free arctic armour + some dodge for spells.

No idea about weapon, void battery looks good but needs dual wielding
Good dagger with crit,spell dmg and some cold/light/fire dmg would be greate + shield but less damage
As a shield we could use Kaltensoul for more damage

Flasks: taste of hate, diamond, silver, vinktar, instant life

So far thats all I've go, if you can make better tree or have any sugestion about uniques don't be shy and reply :D Who said EK needs to be ES right? :v

PathOfBuilding pastebin:
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ring of blades nerfed so probobly would only play ek on std
did u find any good setup

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