Help a newbie with 3.0 physical bow build

I haven't played for years, jumped back in for the beta, playing SSF HC.
My first character (frost pulse templar) RIP'd at Innocence with 55% armor absorption and 2.1K life. My second is a ranger using split arrow, ballista, grace, herald of ice, and burning arrows; she made it past Innocence with 1.7K life (69% evade with grace up ad 49% dodge) using the herbalism and thick skin wheels, and now I'd like her to get more life. so its either go towards the ranger nodes in the southwest or the assassin nodes to the north, neither is close and I can't do both for a while; I'd welcome suggestions. Here is the 2.6 skill tree; seems to be the same as 3.0 in the relevant places? She helped Kraityn anAs a raider she took quartz infusion.
Last bumped on Jul 29, 2017, 6:25:47 PM

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