How much damage nodes in skill tree?

I'm rather new to poe, I never really planned a build (just went according to what I felt I needed at the moment). I would like to use the passive skill tree reset of fall of oriath to correct this and start over again.
Now I stumbled over a few build guides like and I'm wondering: in this guide in particular, 180-200% max HP increase is recommended (or similar ES). Now that doesn't leave much space for damage, so I'm wondering: should I use the passive skills just for defense and keystones, and leave offense to gear and gems? I have the impression that once I allocate all my life, I almost have nothing left.
And, by the way, do you have general recommendations for a build? I know there are plenty of builds ready out there but before copying them I would like to try to make a build by myself, even if it's less effective.
Last bumped on Aug 1, 2017, 9:18:03 AM

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