3.0 Phys/Elemental Bow Build Struggle

Hello exiles, with the recent changes I'm uncertain about this 2 bow phys builds:

Raider: Physical Focus - Frenzy Charges

Pathfinder: Physical Focus - Elemental Penetration Nodes

Defenses are the same, only the phys/elemental damage is cracking me.

Anyone can help me out here? Suggestions?

What would be the best links for each build? (assuming i'll play Tornado Shot GMP)
Last bumped on Aug 3, 2017, 9:30:08 AM
I am considering a similar build.

I personally might take the Ballistic Mastery / Aspect of the Eagle / Aspect of the Lynx path for additional crit, stats etc and instead leave out the Heavy Draw bow branch.
One word: Saranghaeyo.

Go full ele conversion.
Your best bet.
Scroll down, find "End-Game Tree w/ Vaal Pact" - perfect for starting temp league, goes a long way with investing currency.

Above that. find "Default Tree - With Lioneye's Fall Jewel" - if you start obtaining good currency, might as well switch into this one, a bit higher life.

Whole thread is well made, and most of the stuff still applies to 3.0 patch. Worth giving it a read.
Pathfinder all the way.

Ty guys. I'll take a look.

I'm just wondering how the new support gems will impact each build

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