Lighning Arrow Ranger 3.0?

Hello friends,

I have been looking for some LA ranger build, but haven't found anything so far. I always enjoyed the LA build, so much fun to destroy hordes of enemies with high movement speed while not having to worry about life/mana too much.

Any idea if this kind of build still works basically the same with the introduction of 3.0? Talking about voltaxic rift, drillneck, rat's nest elemental crit damage, nothing fancy. I was playing this build with deadeye ascendancy.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Last bumped on Aug 3, 2017, 3:07:30 PM
Should work fine. I've been working on a LA Raider build in Path of Building. Damage and survivability are barely changed by 3.0. The only real impact from the patch is Pierce changes and I think you'll still be fine with just a Pierce gem. Maybe even better off.

There are some new supports worth considering if you do mixed cold/lightning, like ice bite.

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