Music Q&A and some update

Hi Everyone !

First of all thank You for great feedback on new music so far !
There is a lot of similar questions here and on reddit regarding mostly soundtrack, but not only.

Q: I checked supporter pack and where is soundtrack from act 6-10 ?

Q: Which supporter pack I have to buy to get music from all acts?

Q: Where can I buy/get a6 town music ?

A: For now it's hard to call it soundtrack because there is 1-3 new tracks per act (act 9 for example has no new music yet). I can't really tell You when exactly soundtrack will be updated but the plan is to start with act 6 once I finish it completely. There is a lot of stuff in progress like new Coast, Mud Flats, Ridge etc. Also I'm preparing right now 2 track for important locations which will go first to game.
So basically there is no unreleased music from a6-10, they are just not yet on soundtrack, but they are in game to refresh experience with new acts. It is important especially for encampments and major boss fights.
Just in case, all temporary music for a6-10 You can find in a1-5 folders (a1-3 is in legacy folder).

Q: What about music in hideouts?

A: Its very common question. From my perspective as just a composer, not programmer, i can only tell that this is something worth considering and there are discussions about it.

Feel free to ask more question here in this topic or on pm


Kamil Orman-Janowski
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Sarno wrote:
Q: Excluding new music for FoO, what is your favourite music in the game?

Q: Excluding Path of Exile entirely, which individual track are you most proud of?

First one is hard because I never find my music satisfied and i not tend to listen my stuff, except i do research, compare or i just play game. Also i prefer new stuff much more than what i did before fall of oriath. Not because i believe its better music, but because its more polished, and sounds more like i wanted initially. I like "Belly of the Beast", because this composition has a lot of sense and it became inspiration for a lot of themes which i developed for FoO, but i had more fun composing for Izaro ;D
Now He has more fun, smashing my character on uberlab.

For not PoE related stuff, hmmm, proud is way to much to say, but this one is not that bad:

Will some of the new tracks also be used for maps?
Would be unfortunate if we can't enjoy your music in endgame too :)

yes !

nice. who do you like most from contemporary classical composers? you seem like you are fond of this eras music.

I listen mostly film/tv and game composers, but sometimes I do exception and try to sink into not-picture related orchestral music. For example I spend some time listening carefully "Symphony No. 7 Seven Gates of Jerusalem" by K. Penderecki (absolutely great!). I like work of some less contemporary composers like Mahler.
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Serleth wrote:
First of all, I absolutely love your work in Path of Exile. It's been a pleasure to listen to while playing.

Q: Have the Metroid compositions influenced your writing for Path of Exile? There are a couple tracks that reminded me of Metroid Prime =)

Honestly I've never listened Metroid Prime soundtrack

Maybe GGG must released album?

maybe one day, after completing music to all acts

Hideout music is a great idea but do you have any plans for dedicated mapping music? The current music related to the layouts don't really match the intensity of maps. I think right now most players listen to their own music or podcasts when they are mapping, including me.

Yes, I agree, and I will make some major update in that area to. It might not be the whole new music dedicated only to maps, but rather new upcoming tracks for acts 6-10 which will be more complex and enhancing PoE dynamic, than ambient transparent textures from act 1-3 (sewer track is good example).
Another thing is music in boss arenas :)

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Hemmingfish wrote:
I had to log in to tell you I love your work. It's always such a joy to hear a new track in the game and I was looking forward to each one as I was playing the new acts. I especially like the Chamber of Innocence music and the Act 8 town music.
What's your favourite key to work in?

D - I know, it's typical, but for autodidact like me it was the easiest way to start, also usually it fits best for me
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MotionBlur wrote:
first let me say that its a pleasure listening to your work. I absolutely love the leading cello in Overseer's Tower and few other pieces .. leading to my question, which is your favorite strings library?
Also I have few questions about your composing approach, do you write your melodies on the piano then switch to strings or you compose directly with the instrument you intended for the melody? And which do you write first the melody or the chords? :)


Hey, I'm glad You like it. For a string library and overall, my core template is filled mostly by Spitfire symphonic orchestra. Same with drums (HZ01-03).
I use both piano and strings ensemble to start on composition but it's not the rule. Sometimes i skipped with piano and start directly on some specific instruments like Qanun to write melody.
Usually melody comes first, especially when it comes to themed type of composition like boss fights or encampments, but for regular zones it's more about to find the right color and prepare palette of instruments, and then i can start composing. In that case chords comes first more often.

I plan to make some "deconstruction" videos in future :)
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