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Music Q&A and some update

Top notch work, sir.
Maybe GGG must released album?
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thanks for all the great music.
I love playing labs because of your music! Everyone hates labs, but I'm not. The music is so peaceful there that you don't want to leave it :D
Act 5 OST is also very good. Keep up good work, mr. Orman-Janowski.
I have to turn the volume down because sometimes since 3.0 the sound bugs out and I don't want the voices to destroy my ears when they start screeching....

So sorry but I don't know what most of the new music sounds like.
In the options you can lower the volume for voice only. There is separate options for music, sound effects, ambient and voices.
I dont have any question just came to say: Great work on the music <3
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Serleth wrote:
First of all, I absolutely love your work in Path of Exile. It's been a pleasure to listen to while playing.

Q: Have the Metroid compositions influenced your writing for Path of Exile? There are a couple tracks that reminded me of Metroid Prime =)

Honestly I've never listened Metroid Prime soundtrack

Maybe GGG must released album?

maybe one day, after completing music to all acts

Hideout music is a great idea but do you have any plans for dedicated mapping music? The current music related to the layouts don't really match the intensity of maps. I think right now most players listen to their own music or podcasts when they are mapping, including me.

Yes, I agree, and I will make some major update in that area to. It might not be the whole new music dedicated only to maps, but rather new upcoming tracks for acts 6-10 which will be more complex and enhancing PoE dynamic, than ambient transparent textures from act 1-3 (sewer track is good example).
Another thing is music in boss arenas :)

music composer


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don't have questions, but want to thank you a lot for your work. love your music kamil
The new music at act 5-8 has been amazing! My favorite probably being act 8 Sarn and the lunaris + solaris bossfight.

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