[3.11] Kitava's Thirst Builds - Flame Surge/Blade Vortex - Sirus /T16 Farm

ok, spell echo won't help in the helmet, as it doesn't affect triggered spells, aye? (so sad).
BUT would something like spell cascade + shock nova make any sense? (would it make any sense on GC btw?) If yes, which links to keep? or any other ways to increase GC mayhem? xD
and wut about elemental profileration support?

According to the wording, you should be able to use spell cascade with triggered spells, yes.
GC doesn't work with Spell Cascade.
Ele prolif could be interesting to maintain ignite in an area, but Combustion is a must have to support your Flame Surge.

about the Watchers:
- 15% chance to Recover 10% of Maximum Mana when you use a Skill while affected by Clarity
- 20% increased Mana Recovery Rate while affected by Clarity

would both be good? the 20% increased seems meh, as it is just additive with all the other gear rolls, aye? Though it will take a long time till i can afford either...

The first one is nice and usually cheap (relatively speaking).
The second is very strong and usually expensive. Recovery rate is a separate stat, and it multiplies with mana regen AND leech (much like increased damage taken with increased damage). Your only other source of recovery is Patient Reaper, and it only activates on kill.

And beside warlords mark (maybe better as blasphemy and drop clarity/just lvl1 ?) i guess only uniques like thiefs torment etc. to gain mana on hit / leech, aye? honestly i don't feel like putting more uniques into it for res / ES...

That is where Trickster is strong, Weave the Arcane and Watcher's Eye %chance to recover with clarity lvl 1 allows to regen mana without WM.
With that you can run No regen maps, and if you get fire leech (helmet corruption or elder amulet), you also can run Hexproof maps, and freeing a curse for Flammability or Enfeeble.
Thief's Torment is interesting with skills like Molten Strike, but we're far from that kind of hits. Also, it applies to attacks only. :)

Btw, mana regen from Clarity lvl 20 is irrelevant, use lvl 1 with Watcher's Eye.
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Shameless self-bump, new update, uber elder down.
Did you still use your regular leveling stuff or did you level with brands or anything new this league?
Arc first, then, at lvl 28 I switched for Arma brand + Flame Surge. Good speed with silver/quicksilver, not the best though, but it was my league starter and I wanted to test the brand. And it's really cheap.
I took Malachai's Artifice asap, it was fun to wreck bosses with Flame Surge.
Bump, I'm remaking many videos for 3.5, you can check them out in the guide.

I'll also make a proper deathless Uber Elder video, coming soon. :)
I'm quite intrigued by the BV version, also do you think ES is still viable for 3.5? Probably better off running it with the regular Flame Surge build no?
With good amounts de evasion ES should be fine, though I have a preference for the life version now that you can boost MoM with Watcher's Eye.
The BV build is unchanged and still stronger than Flame Surge for clear speed, maybe a little less dps because of the shaper mods nerf.
One (maybe) addition to this concept, Tempest shield now has only 0,25s cast time, making it 2x faster than others you used. It is however quite bad skill, but amybe on weapon swap for clear it can be fun. Nice build.
I've seen variations with Tempest Shield, and Orb of Storms.
You have your Tempest Shield on a 4L : Faster Casting, Arcane Surge, Inc Duration.
You get your Orb of Storms in a 6L and Lightning spells in your helmet. You can easily achieve 12 mana spendings/sec, and you don't have to use a staff, which is geat for mobility.

It is surprisingly good, even in single target. I've been planning to do one, eventually.

Edit : here's the PoB link of someone I found on poe.ninja if you're interested : https://pastebin.com/RHCuRbEy
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ATM I have this gear on, + Kaom's Roots as boots.
I feel very squishy, at 3024 life , 500 ES, and 2k available mana with 40% MoM.

Does anything about my character stand out as particularly weak?

My resistances are all capped and my damage is pretty good but I my character pretty much explodes if a pack manages to get a hit on me.

Also, I have 5ex stashed atm, is Skyforths a good upgrade for me here? As I noticed you mentioned it was a good DPS upgrade, but we already have capped power charges anyway thanks to Swift Killer.


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