[3.11] Kitava's Thirst Builds - Flame Surge/Blade Vortex - Sirus /T16 Farm

This league is particularly tough with Syndicate bosses, you need a CWDT setup (Immortal Call + Warlord's Mark) to ensure survival.

As a league starter it was difficult entering maps while gearing. Basically you need to get as much life/mana on your gear (aim for 70 of each on rares), the new crafting system is awesome for that.
When searching gear, look for empty prefixes (for life/mana) or suffixes for resists so you can craft on it. You can easily upgrade your rares for less than 10c in total.

I hesitated a long time about Kaom's Roots, because it's a great item, but evasion is very strong with this build, having a Jade + Stibnite flask combo is very strong to reach 90. And it allows you to have movement speed on your boots.

Skyforth are useful for giving power charges against bosses (when Swift Killer only gives it on kill), and also gives you a stun immunity. And tons of mana. But they're not a priority. Focus on your rares for now.

You're doing fine, a difficulty spike is usual when entering maps. Good luck :)
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you mentioned we could use poets pens to help speed up levling how do i got about doing that?
GC + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus in one.
Arc + Lightning Warp + Less duration in the other.

Tree at first looks like this : http://poeurl.com/cehb
It's basically about getting the two jewels quickly with EE.
Use two Long Winter jewels in the sockets.

(you can do the same with Magma Orb (and Inevitability jewels) until you get GC at lvl 28)

Take one quicksilver flask of adrenaline, one silver flask, throw in some leveling uniques (Tabula, Goldrim, Wanderlust, you name it), and destroy everything.

When leveling you follow the guide's skill tree, and when possible, you refund the 4 points that go through the ES wheel.
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much appreciated got all the gear rdy

lvl 69 atm and current gear
Very nice. If you can manage to get a nice corruption on helmet, like 0.5% fire leech, you can change your amulet for something with tons of damage. +1 power charge is pretty good too.
can i take other boots because of the life reg ?
Sure, Kaom's Roots if you can handle the mobility, or any rare boots will do. The only core item is the helmet, basically.
Did you happen to post leveling trees for the frostbolt vortex build? I'm just randomly leveling bow items because I'm no good at leveling trees lol
Levelling is like any spellcaster build actually, since you can't activate this build until you have enough stats to use the helmet properly.

I usually level without following a precise path, a habit I have is to build the "backbone" of the tree first. The point is to travel far enough to be close to life or damage nodes so I can boost whatever I need at the moment, and be close to the key nodes to activate my build (MoM, jewel sockets).
Something like this : http://poeurl.com/ceDZ

You see that I take most of the life notables, Acrobatics, and most of the closest DPS notables (usually 2 points away from the backbone).
I activate the build at level 68 (Pledge of Hands), so at level 68 I need to get MoM and at least 1 jewel socket (3 if you use Frostbolt, of course).

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