[3.11] Kitava's Thirst Builds - Flame Surge/Blade Vortex - Sirus /T16 Farm

Yes, unfortunately it does. DPS is better, but now the build feels less comfortable when farming.
Relatively new player here. I've been following this build a while and was thinking about playing it next league.

My league goals would be mapping, boss killing, and to a lesser extent delving. (I wouldn't be disappointed if I never made it much past 300 or so).

How is the build performing in 3.8? I see some discussion of reduced proc rates with pledge of hands. Is it still a decent map clearer? Obviously, the patch reveal is upcoming, but I'd appreciate any commentary on strengths and weaknesses of this build in 3.8.
Hi, I haven't been playing much this league. For now I've been trying dual wielding +1 scepters, that is pretty good and much better for clearing than the current Pledge of Hands. With +2 it should be very strong. You can check my character in Blight for more info.

Other staff alternatives, like Duskdawn or Grey Spire, are also worth trying, with a bit of tweaking. Don't get me wrong, Pledge is still strongest if you're looking for DPS.

PS : I think you meant 3.7. :)
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Hello Sarodh1,
Thank you for this guide! That's look very fun and original to play. I think I will use it for my stater for delirium! I had a question about the build and the new gem: archmage.
Do you have any idea if this gem could improve the build? If that's the case, do you have some suggestions to remplace the initial setup for the 6 linked?
Thanks a lot,
Have a good day.
Hi, I thought about the Archmage support, but with Flame Surge, it's wasted since we use Elemental Equilibrium with Orb of Storms, so any kind of non-fire damage is weak.

However, I will try a Blade Vortex or Spellslinger version this league, and Archmage seems pretty strong with it. We will see :)

Good Luck !
Love this build. The flexibility and choice is awesome. I have been using cerebus plus rise of the phoenix shield. 84 and it is working out pretty well. I have pledge of hands, but hated using it. The dps is real, but standing in place to wait for it cast, honestly, is awful. Just doesn't feel good to use. Hitting a 100 mana on FS is pretty easy with 6 links and one fevered mind though.

Thanks for putting it together!
Hi, glad you like it. :)

I'm still a bit undecided about Pledge, it's best for DPS, but I agree, GSE is kind of annoying. I found a good compromise by maxing cast speed, and using Tailwind/Elusive. That way I can still obliteratye bosses while having slightly better mobility.

Cerebus is a good choice, it opens up for a nice tankier variation.

You can check out my char in Delirium, I'll update my guide soon.
PoB : https://pastebin.com/k0ucGXT2

Good luck !
Oh awesome! I was wondering what your cluster jewels were. Would love to see if my build is viable for end game. I think I messed up my passive tree a little shooting for more mana haha.

Ah you went really far into the left of the tree. Interesting. Do you find the build to be more powerful/open with the inclusion of cluster jewels?
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I think I messed up my passive tree a little shooting for more mana haha.

That's where the Pledge is also strong. Not having to allocate mana allows for more freedom on the tree.

I go on the left side mostly becsause of the life nodes, and the strong demage notables (Serpent Stance, Arcane Potency, Divine Judgement). However, building around cluster jewels may be interesting.

The medium cluster jewels are very strong with this build, with +1 Intensity, or crit damage. Even with my jewels (that aren't that good to be honest), it's still powerful.

Edit : btw, there was that Kitava build made by someone else, a bit old, but there might be some ideas for you. It was a block-based character using a shield, HC viable : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255574
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