[3.11] Kitava's Thirst Builds - Flame Surge/Blade Vortex - Sirus /T16 Farm

How do you sustain righteous fire?
I use only Vaal RF.
Tried to replicate this from your harvest character but I'm really not that good at building on my own, my pledge is only 5 Link atm and ice nova only costs 59 mana so I'm never triggering Kitava's. Should I use Voidbringers until I can 6 link the pledge?
Yep, definitely. With the changes, Voidbringer is an easy way to get to 100, and with added dps.
can this build made but in a inquisitor? i mean inquisitor got pious path and crits penetrate resist. im actually trying to do so but im having problem with survavility. sorry for my english.

It can be done, but Trickster offers much more tank (evasion, dodge, mana), and lots of cast speed which makes the build more comfortable.

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