[3.11] Kitava's Thirst Builds - Flame Surge/Blade Vortex - Sirus /T16 Farm

I'm more of a Bismtuh kind of guy, but Niobium is fine too.
Shameless self-bump, updated the guide to put ES version at the center of it.
Small update, added Skyforth boots, and trying out Glacial Cascade instead of Vortex.
I'm playing similar build. Any reason you choose ES over life/mana mom? I have 50% damage from mana and 7600 ehp (and 500 ES i don't count on top), around 1M shaper dps, 50/56 dodge. And i can top life with flask and have fire leech from self ignite. Why you went ES? Any pros of es i'm missing?
Done guardians/shaper/red elder, spawned uber elder, will be trying to down him.
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I've been trying ES since Abyss, which lacked Zerphi's, and now I wanted to try out the new Trickster changes. I'm gonna try Uber Elder too.

Both versions are fine IMO, I find the ES version very strong with evasion, but I've never tried out maxing MoM like you did, and it looks really strong too. I also like your idea of linking CWDT to more spells for EE.

This build is not set in stone, and I like to try new things, and to see others trying other things. :)
Interesting build and very well explained guide!

Any Blade Vortex variant video?
Hi, thanks !

I'm checking my video folder, but I think I never recorded myself playing this build unfortunately.
Never mind, thanks anyway.

What is the cheapest variant? I wanna try this build next league.
All builds are relatively cheap, the life version are probably the cheapest, the core items of this build are only the helmet, 4L Pledge of Hands or 5L Martyr of Innoence, and someting to increase mana cost above 100.

All the expensive items shown are fine, but you can do without them.

If you want to try it as a league starter, of course you'll have to do without items like Eye of Innocence or Watcher's Eye to sustain life or mana, so you'll need to adjust accordingly.
Bump, some very good news for the 3.3 !

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