[3.8] LiftingNerdBro's Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion - Great League Starter!

Ah, derp, take 20% increased -.- Just used to the 20 inc dmg and so on so always translate 'increased' dmg values as increased dmg done -.-
Level 61+ Get Kondo’s Pride.

why not Kaom s Primacy....you don t need 113 dex to use it and similar dps.

Level 61+ Get Kondo’s Pride.

why not Kaom s Primacy....you don t need 113 dex to use it and similar dps.

It's nowhere near the same dps. Kondo's maxes out at 466.3 dps and has a 50% increased damage vs bleeding enemies multiplier. Kaom's maxes out at 400.8 dps with no additional multipliers. Remember that since we use Brutality, we will deal no non-physical damage with our attacks, so the fire damage on Kaom's is negated.

The culling strike on Kaom's is nice, but assuming your have culling elsewhere in your setup, its totally non-important.

and 4 jewels with +7% maximum health and +%res. Doing Uber without a problem
Give pls ur feedback about my char, doing uber lab and atziri with no problem, want to try uber, but i think my dps is not high enough (43k dps with fortify buff) 5.7k hp.
What should I upgrade next?
Char: Mr.Gachi_Boy
With my new Starforge it´s a complete new game! :P
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Quick question.. why not use Faster Attack for your Totem?
Let me repeat the question properly this time ^_^

First please check my gear:

Didn't do much with my flasks yet. What I'm trying to do now:
- Get +40% Ancestral Warchief Totem Damage on Helmet
- Get useful enchantments on gloves and boots (should I get better ones first or are they ok?)
- Get 2x Steel Rings with proper stats
- Get a Proper Flask setup
- 6-Link my Starforge
- Keep an eye out for good jewels

Now to my question(s):
- Today I obtained the Starforge. I was asking myself if I would still need those bleeding/ailment nodes or if I should respec. If I should respec, what should I get?
- I'm currently running in my 5L setup: Ancestral Warchief - Brutality - Melee Phys. Dmg - Ruthless - Inc/Conc Area of Effect. Should I switch Ruthless with Maim or even faster Attacks?
Has the CWDT Setup been fixed, cuz it seems to be working for me, eventho skillgems are levelled past the limit the guide provides?

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