Known Issues / FAQ - Please Check Before Posting!

If the problem you experienced is not listed here, then please check the PC Known issues thread and read the guidelines below for helpful information to include in your bug report.

Any client crashes or disconnects are sent to us automatically. Report them if you have steps to reproduce the crash, but if you’re not sure why you crashed, then we’ll be investigating the default crash report ourselves.

Helpful Information to Include:
  • 1. What platform you're playing on, listing [PS4], or [Xbox] at the beginning of your thread name.
  • 2. What time this happened
  • 3. Gateway / Location
  • 4. Error messages when failing to teleport, or load into a zone.
  • 5. Are you crashing to the console dashboard, or disconnecting back to the login screen?
  • 6. If you can reproduce the 100% of the time a video clip would be handy.
  • 7. Are you using a cabled connection, or Wifi.
  • 8. What model console are you using?
  • 9. Your gamer tag or PSN ID (a private message is fine for this if you're uncomfortable posting this publicly.)

How to Upload a Video:
You can use 'Record That' to upload your Xbox clips to Xbox Live or OneDrive:
  • Press the Xbox Home Button
  • 'Y' is listed to take a screenshot
  • 'X' is listed to 'Record That'
  • Open your clip or screenshot and you should receive an option to upload it to Xbox Live or OneDrive
  • Once you've done so, please provide us with the links to those clips

Diagnosing Connection Issues:
  • If you are using a wireless and are experiencing frequent disconnections, having latency issues or rubber banding we first recommend changing to a wired internet connection. These issues can often be solved from this alone.
  • If you are already using a wired connection please visit the winMTR how to guide and provide us with these results in the Technical Support forum. Ensure you use the nearest Gateway to your location.

Things you should know:
  • Local issues: In some cases an issue maybe local to your console due to the way a shutdown occurred. Please try power cycling your console by holding the power button for 10 seconds first. If your problem continues after power cycling and the issue you're experiencing isn't a global issue (known crash, acknowledged problem), please try re-installing the game client.
  • First Blood Pack: To have the items redeemed to your account please open the 'Cosmetics' panel.

Heist problems:
  • Cannot search for Unique Contracts on the Tradeboard.

Xbox Specific:
  • Resource loading slows down over time.

PS4 Specific:

Known General Issues:
  • Elite Controllers: Using an elite controller with the 'Hair-Trigger' option enabled causes LT and RT to not work. Disable this option to fix it.
  • Illusionist Cyclone effects not disappearing when Blood Rage is used while channelling.
  • Cluster Jewels sometimes cause client crashes.

Known Gameplay Issues:
  • Certain movement skills are used twice and will desync on use.

Recent High-Priority Issues:

Other High-Priority Issues:

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