Xbox Grouping ??

So is it even possible to join randoms or am i missing something ? The only option i see is to allow friends to join !?!
Last bumped on Dec 26, 2017, 12:13:52 PM
The PC version has a board that contains all the info on parties that already exist. Forming or joining a party is easy as a mouse click and can take as little as seconds. The group forming on xbox is possible but tiresome. You gotta be their friend and even then you have to investigate to make sure they are close to your level or are even in the same act. GGG please improve
You can try the LFG on the Xbox PoE game hub, though there are a lot of posts for trade in the wrong spot. I mostly solo while in a party with friends, though we group when someone has a master, abyss depths or legendary box. There is a new board in town for pvp and events, though it does not appear to be used atm. Hopefully they can add a grouping option there or something.
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