[ONLINE] MY HHC exa to your HSC exa [1:1.5] chaos [1:2]

My HHC exalts to your HSC exalts
ratio is 1:1.5
also trade chaos 1:2
All i ask is you go first, of course we can do small trades multiple times
Current stock : around 4000 chaos and 80ex
ign : message @compatibilismhuism (friend of mine, you will be 100% safe)
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Last bumped on Sep 27, 2020, 10:26:57 PM
Traded 150 chaos, no problems
bump, stock updated
Traded my 24 ex, went first. Fast and smooth transaction.
converted 100 HHC chaos to 150 HSC chaos. Callao was afk intially but pm'd me when he came back. Quick and easy trade!
Traded 100 HHC chaos for 150 HSC chaos. Fast and easy.
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