3.11 -- Righteous Fire Juggernaut / Chieftain

Nosferat wrote:
I'm still at the leveling phase, I did not want to switch to RF early on.

But I am looking for a kaom's, thing is there are many options, some are less some are more expensive. I saw some with reduced fire damage taken, now does that work with the degen aura from RF? Or does it work with reduced fire damage taken on things that hit like spells,weapons,etc, and not with RF?

I'm quite curious how much regen would I gain with a kaom's with let us say 6% less fire damage taken.

That mod definitely works with RF. Gives me 55 net regen when i add it in PoB. Doesn't seem worth it, unless i guess you don't pay much extra for it.
So can i use saffels with +1 to socketed gems and use empower with 2 auras in it?

Sure, as long as Purity ends up being lv 23. I'd use +2 to aura gems corruption though, that way you won't need to use empower.
Hi, is there like a leveling tree ? Like what passives to get first and so on ? Would help a lot thanks !

leveling section
Torpine wrote:
Anything i could upgrade to boost some dps/defense, also I'm sitting at 2.2k hp regen which seems pretty bad.
Red Elder can one-shot me at 8.3k hp, opened up a portal to Shaper last night but the servers went down lol(PoB says i've got like 200k dps on RF)

Run purity of ice

You should also use saffell's frame. Max cold res helps with shaper, elder, and uber elder.
tracker2013 wrote:

I'm currently struggling in keeping alive shaper in yellow elder fight.
Can you give me some advices please, and tell me if my gear is ok.

I have actually around 150c to spend, what should I upgrade first ?


Pretty much everything could use higher rolls. You should also unlock all jewel slots in the area and socket jewels with at least % life and burning damage.

You lack mobility i think. With elder, mobility is kinda important or you might get over spammed with projectiles. Boots should be 25-30%, and you should be using quicksilver with ms mod on it. Drop that regular life flask, it's not really worth it. You can also try running a sapphire flask, for some extra max cold res. It helps with all elder fights, and shaper.


oh and, to keep shaper alive, you can use a frost wall trick. link it with increased duration and pop it right in front of him. it will block all those projectiles. and then you just xzoom around killing those minions without risk. but you do need better mobility, as i've said before.
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great build so farm, i have a lot fun with it it :) some questions:

- why Increased Duration with enduring cry? seems to not increase the duration at all.
- whats better to rush for? kaoms hearth or kaoms way?
- what are good maps to shape with this build?
Can i have a pob link pls?
I dont know how to get more life regen ;x
If I mainly wanna do elder/uber lab is this one of the best choices?
ElJesse wrote:
If I mainly wanna do elder/uber lab is this one of the best choices?

rf is shit for regular elder but great for uber elder. Reason is, it's pretty hard to keep shaper alive so that you get a chance at the watcher's eye jewel
Got a fiend card drop yesterday so I have about 5 ex for upgrades. Could you check my char in profile (BavetteMoutarde) and give me ideas on what I could improve ?

I'm thinking of crafting a sceptre, should cost around.. 3 ex I guess ? 2 ex for the multicraft and about 1 ex for the alt/regal/scour spam before that
Recovery belts are stupid expensive and not many great ones are up. Maybe I could chase a better helmet too but I would mostly "just" gain 50-60 life and maybe a little bit of res for a 2 ex investment, doesn't seem as good as going for sceptre

Buying essences for the amulet is a pain in the ass, current one is just chaos spammed until I get about 30 essences for a decent life roll and hopefully something else on it too

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