3.11 -- Righteous Fire Juggernaut / Chieftain

Borrowed a lot of gearing tips from this build after having a bunch of trouble with someone else's RF Chieftain guide. The advice is very much appreciated.

I've been enjoying self-cast Enduring Cry + Immortal Call. Enduring Cry + Valako ascendancy = lots of endurance charges. IC takes me from 7 -> 2 charges, but reduces phys/lightning/fire damage taken by about a third for two seconds. This and a basalt flask makes Scorching Ray feel slow instead of suicidal. Feels good to tank Izaro slams. but I'm not sure if all of this is worth the gem sockets and traveling down to Call to Arms, however. It might just be nostalgia for self-casting IC like it's 2.0 again. I may roll up a Juggernaut just to see how it compares.

Wands are definitely much, much cheaper than similarly-stated scepters at the moment. I was able to get about 10% higher shaper DPS in PoB with a wand 1/10 the cost of a similar scepter. This is locking me out of Cyclone + Flammability, though, which I think is probably a stronger option than Scorching Ray + inspiration + Infused Channeling at the moment.

Watcher's Eye's Malevolence Recovery mod has been nerfed, and it makes me hesitant to shell out for a cheap one right now. It comes out to 40c and a jewel socket for about 2% regen and 5% max life. Doing alright on sustain, so I'll likely pass on that til I'm ready for a two- or three-mod Eye.

Thanks again for the guide. It's been very helpful for me, and I've pointed a couple friends at it as well.
Figured it out.
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this is making me wanna quit the game, lost 11ex trying to 6link a staff is this irl???
how the hell do you do that

just use the crafting bench
Hey guys, i was wondering, if i decide to run carcass jack/rare 6l armor along with 6l staff, would it be good to ditch the helmet in order to support RF with awakening gems ?
zheng738 wrote:
this is making me wanna quit the game, lost 11ex trying to 6link a staff is this irl???

Fated connections is 5 ex, 1200 fusings about the same ... ie. sorry, but you're doing it wrong :)

Gambling doesn't always pay off I guess.
Hey, can someone tell me the pastebin without cluster jewels for chieftain? I'm using the stupid POEmate app on android. Don't have a PC for POB.
cost way too much to make, but this is the best ive rolled from fossils and i can't roll anymore without going broke

ilv83 locks you out of t1 flat res and t1 wed, but you get an extra socket as conpensation

socket is pretty good for a scorching ray gem if you don't have some form of exposure or a low level vitality gem to proc watchers
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nice find. made one too

what's also cool about the socket is that if you get a warcry as an affix, you can use the socket for a support gem
i legit loled irl, this is why this game never gets old, saw this on reddit just now


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