3.11 -- Righteous Fire Juggernaut / Chieftain

Hi folks,
playing Chieftain RF first time and its a lot of fun so far.

I've a question about "Hinekora - death's fury" (didn't find an answer so far..)

To cover in ash we need to HIT! RF and Flame wall (which I use as second DoT) do not hit. So, we got no benefit from leech, and no benefit from "cover in ash", if i understand this correctly.

Or can I proc the ash-debuff with Orb of Stroms, which I use for EE and EO?
This HITS the enemies, but it's lightning dmg.

Thx and best regards!

@unfortunately there is no good other options for the last asecendancy points. Only option would be Ngamahus flame's advance
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Hi all, just wanted to say a few things.

Been messing around RF this league and tried a whole bunch of setups. Chieftain is way better while you are closing on endgame, I tried 2xkaom's way and can't decide if it's better than full on life rings. tried 2 scepters, but felt clunky without shield charge and regen suffered a bit, although the dmg increase was good. scorching ray is not necessary at all, slows you down and you lose some of the mobility in my experience.

Played with 2 large/2 medium cluster jewels for damage and actually thought the dmg is pretty good without them so went for more life on the tree and ditched one large cluster. it's all kinda close call, at least for me. respeced a whole bunch of points here and there and this is what I think works the best.

All in all, SUPRISINGLY good!

anyways, could someone look at my character and maybe throw in some suggestions?
I am pretty satisfied with life and recovery but would like to squeeze in more damage!

the regen off the watchers is quite alot, i can no longer run 60regen maps safely. can still run minus max 12 maps if just barely. with the regen nerf i won't be able to go 2 scepters anymore even with good gear.

non cluster vs cluster isn't as clear cut black and white anymore. large clusters are still very good, but medium cluster just seems really weak now, burning bright is still the best but the 2ndary medium just seems really weak. flow of life have a jacked up price and most jewels have way higher cost compared to previous leagues because discharge share jewels with rf.

there are very good budget options for rf's now unlike before.

atziri replica amulet + ultmost might + 6l blunderbuss astral plate + crest of desire helmet is very very strong for welfare rf players.

golden oil and ex prices are dirt cheap this league for some reason, i failed to craft my amulet so i bit the bullet and made a mediocre multimod amulet.

a tree thats non cluster based will have much stronger regen compared to a cluster variant at the cost of lower damage, but will prob have higher life also.

one thing to note, +1 max endurance ring implicits are back for very good prices, the problem is with the regen nerf, the kaom's way 5% life regen per ring is more important than ever

i tried reworking the tree, they added annointed flesh which wasnt there 2 leagues ago (i missed the last league). tried my hardest to rework a tree that gives me more points, i coudn't, using the same templated from 2-3 leagues ago, basicly just dropped a medium cluster for annointed flesh wheel
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Im not super far to know optimal setup but here are some things to try.

Try slotting in a 4link Fire Wall. The damage is pretty nutty for the build and much better than scorching ray for single-target and clearing. I'm aiming to use a burning damage helmet with Flame Wall and dot.multi. gloves for RF (RF being for clear with inc.aoe swapping in conc. for big bosses, Flame Wall for supplementing Single Target).

I'd consider self-casting Immortal Call so you can reliably proc. the damage buff from Valako. Also probably want to use PoF instead of Vitality but idk if the Watcher's Eye makes it worth it not to switch.

Wave of Conviction is probably better than flammability. It does more against late game bosses which have reduced curse effectiveness and cost less mana so easier to manage.

This is super extra but you could use a remove burn flask to proc. the extra life recovery from Arakaali Pantheon. Just use one with a bunch of chrages and you can toggle RF on/off occasionally.

Gear-wise, I'd consider using a different shield. Rise of the Phoenix is great but you might get more general utility out of something like Saffels or a sick rare shield.

Passive Tree wise, do you feel Holy Fire is worth? I might respec all of that, take the armor jewel slot for cluster (above Resolute Technique) and either spec. into jewel slots for damage or spec into Purity of Flesh or Tireless for life/utility. Especially if you started using Flame Wall, the damage might not be super worth it.
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some finer details i didn't add last post.

easier to get +4/+5 staffs this league because those staffs can be found inside experiented item heists

there are jackpots in heists (i looted a replica cortex scepter myself". there are +1 max charge rings, cortex scepter, replica hh and above all else explode mod implicit items from hiests, keep your eyes open

i tried flamewall, one of the variants of flamewall has a fire exposure built in to it, but the skill lags and i no longer have sockets availble to futher experient with flamewall.

from what ive tested crest of desire is weaker than a tri helmet but stronger than a dual helmet, however i tested this during mid levels and that helm could be tested more by other players

new staff base with + 1 to end +1 to power charges implicit

can save 2 points from using a oscillating scepter, a very very small improvement if you can find a good scepter.

alternate gem qualities on aura gems and some support gems have small improvements compared to existing gems, SMALL improvements

i didn't build rf to play hiest, but its extremely well suited for hiesting oddly enough, i can't remeber the last time i died in hiest and its pretty funny hearing other players complaining hiest has 1shot mechanics and die too often as you walk through a recently epened door, get shanked by 30 mobs as you casually walk off to the exist

i think there are more rf players this league compared to other leagues??? and most of them are chieftain for some reason, i think there is a streamer playing rf also but i am not sure

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about to go dual wielding again despite the regen nerf, my weapons are too strong not to dual wield, almost have the right gear, just need a bunch of tora research

edit, change of plans, have to make more currency i am now broke after buying this, too poor to craft it and i have no idea how to craft it, have to read up on it. thank god i learned rune dagger is different than regular dagger

sold some stuff changed to dual wield

sirius 8 downed. died once through lag but took the fight at -60% base chaos res, didn't die to meteors died to a laser toward the end from lag

will try some wall of fire shannigens in the future


finished dagger

edit, well, that fking sucks, i just learned you can't use whirling blades with a dagger and scepter at the same time. the skill is locked out.
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Thanks for the advice, gonna try it all out!

As for the holy fire, I think it's worth it, the multipliers stack pretty good dmg wise.
LoCicero wrote:
This is super extra but you could use a remove burn flask to proc. the extra life recovery from Arakaali Pantheon. Just use one with a bunch of chrages and you can toggle RF on/off occasionally.

Not sure if it still works... but try doing a weapon swap. Used to work for triggering it in harvest. Just double tap weapon swap key and it should trigger Arakali. The off-set needs to have an item there to work. Can't be empty. If you have an aura in your weapon/shield, just throw the same one in the off-set and it should keep it on switch. Let me know if it still works.
zheng738 wrote:
finished dagger

edit, well, that fking sucks, i just learned you can't use whirling blades with a dagger and scepter at the same time. the skill is locked out.

WTF... didn't even know daggers can roll those mods

try herald of ash + fan of flames on mid cluster + phys to fire conversion on gloves (crafted or temple mod). packs gonna go pop pop. can also link it with inc aoe and get more aoe on tree for bigger booms

edit. might also need some more chance to ignite. chieftain + cooked alive on mid clusters worked well for me. not sure how it'll work with low chance
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yea i didnt know daggers could roll those mods either, i thought its staff/scepter/wands but apparently RUNE dagger has spell mods. however its not ideal for fire because the rune dagger its more fitted to cold/phys dmg overtime mods. there is a DMG overtime multiplier on rune daggers but its ilevel 83 so i can't roll for that mod.

also how do i craft gloves??? i lost 4ex in fossils trying to craft and this is the best i came up with
ideally for regular gloves id want open prefix + high life + dex/int + 90 res + preferably cold and light. the existing gloves i have now can be multimoded into life + +1 lv and area at the cost of removing armor. the issue i have is pristine isn't the way to go anymore because they removed % life regen, % life + small flat life and added a bunch of garbage life on hit and leech rolls for the pristine fossil.

incase people didn't know, all synth modifiers are back and they are cheaper than ever. yes onslaught boots included, but i am not aiming for those atm. what is really really good is atm +1 endurace charge implicit boots are back and its dirt cheap, however non of them are ilv86 so you can't craft 35ms unfortunately.

from what i am checking atm, single mod implicit mods are back on the market again if you know what your looking for, with double implicit mods that are desired being EXTREMELY hard if non existent.

i am dual wielding now, but with synth shields back in the game, i am getting ready, just too poor to srsly craft right now

prob won't use the rings since i value max charge more

also, fun fact, the VERY FIRST explode cortex scepter was dropped a few days ago and it rolled +1 to all support gems with explode mod lol...

suggestions and ideas are welcome, since i missed synth league. i combed through the pages for synthesis league trying to gather ideas, alot of those items are still legacy because of double implicit mods and pristine fossil mod removal.

while explode staff option exist, i dont think its possible to craft a staff unlike back in harvest league (which i also missed...)

care for the people trying to copy me, and some people have, becareful when you make the switch because i lost alot of dex from glove switching and i don't have the added intel, my elemental weakness is at like lv14 or something because of low intel, and dash is also at a low level because of dex...its not easy to dual wield thre are alot of requirements you need to meet, i had to move aspect of the spider onto my amulet because i don't have splace on the belt and my i have a mediocre amulet atm
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